Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Rules of Infection

I've been passed out all day. Fell asleep nekkid in the hammock after getting out of the shower, so I've been stumbling around with bright red "hammock" lines burned into my face and boobs.

Got stuck on a tour bus for four days with nothing to wear but The Catsuit. Now I've got a nasty rash and the Yeast Infection of Life. Made $500, but I had to fuck Ronnie Milsap.  Shit's nasty, but he fed me champagne and Funyuns, Food of the Gods.

I've been thinking about disappearing. Falling completely off the boulevard~maybe go visit Tanya in San Francisco. Or maybe just go away by myself somewhere and just become a completely different person..

Smoked a joint and made microwaved s'mores. Remembered to check the mail, and found a poinsettia plant on my doorstep. It was from Diane. 

The card read, "I'm sorry about your mom."

Put the plant on the windowsill~ and watered it with my tears.. Just kidding!

Ate pimento cheese outta the container and watched '90210'. I can't believe that shit is so popular.

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